Our Environmental, Ethical and Sustainability Policy


The environment and how we respect it.....

Here at Green & Wild’s, we really do love the planet we live on, as much as we do pets. We want to leave as light a footprint on the earth as we possibly can.

Our Environmental and Ethical Policy means we are committed to the wellbeing and health of our planet and customer’s pets, by striving to keep our products, simple, natural, and healthy. The majority are 100% just 1 natural ingredient, no nasties, no cheap fillers or bulkers, no added sugar, and minimal packaging.

An important part of our ethos is sustainability and traceability, sourcing as close to the UK as possible, from trusted farmers, fisheries, and responsible stewards of our planet’s resources.

Our mission is to bring truly healthy and sustainable, chews, treats and toys to pets across the UK and beyond.

We have been recognised for our efforts and awarded Ethical Accreditation for another year running and have retained our ranking in the Cat & Dog Food Ethical Rating Table  - The Good Shopping Guide. 

We have also been named one of the most ethical businesses in the world by The Good Shopping Guide!  The prestigious list of the Top 200 Ethical Companies and Brands recognises Green & Wild's commitment to positive ethical practices. We are independently certified through Ethical Accreditation by The Good Shopping Guide, ensuring regular checks on our ethical policies, practices, and public record. This ensures no greenwashing - just genuine dedication to making the world a better place.  

We are proud yo be a part of a community that believes ethics and business go hand in hand. 

Our Products.....

Natural and unprocessed is best in our book. That’s why most of our products carry our 100% 1 ingredient award, which means they are just one ingredient, plain and simple. No hidden nasties and artificial ingredients, and simply air dried.

Our Antler Chews are only from naturally shed deer antler, grade A or AA, responsibly sourced, sustainable, and traceable, all from the UK or Europe. Deer naturally shed / drop their whole antler in spring every year and grow a new pair, slightly larger. This is an incredible natural occurrence. We simply collect, wash and cut them into chews.

Our NEW insect protein-based treats are super great for the environment as well. Eco-insect bakes are an incredibly high-quality source of protein, but at a fraction of the environmental impact of other protein sources. Insect protein production uses 92% less land, 99% less water and produces 99.96% less greenhouse gasses compared to beef farming! This new protein source will be playing a much larger part in pet food and treats in the future.

Our fish treats are sourced from fish that are ethically and sustainably caught in European waters. We do not condone using species that are endangered or over fished or from unregulated regions and suppliers. These maybe cheaper, but they are not ethical.

Our eco-friendly toys are what they say they are. Made from components that are either a by-product from another industry that would normally be wasted, or fibres such as jute, which is a natural, sustainable, and biodegradable plant fibre, they are natural, renewable, and recyclable.

Our other ranges, all keep the same ethos, they must be natural, healthy, sustainable and ethically sourced from trusted sources as close to the UK as we can, with animal welfare at the forefront of our minds.


We try and keep our packaging to an absolute minimum. The packaging we do use is as eco-friendly as we can make it, mostly paper, card, jute string and craft bags. We endeavour to find the most eco packaging we can as this fast market develops.

Where we do use plastic bottles, such as our Super Salmon Oil, or dietary supplements, they are composed from recycled plastics and once empty, they can be recycled again.

Our treat packaging can be recycled at locations that offer a soft plastic recycling option.

Dispatch Packaging.....

All our stock orders are dispatched using 100% plastic free dispatch packaging. We invested in using paper tape, which uses 90% less tape and is plastic free and recycled carboard filling, which we make from our own waste cardboard. And of course, cardboard dispatch boxes.

At the end of the day, protecting the planet we live on, is not about words or written statements. Its about the people behind the words. Green & Wild’s was born because the people behind the company are passionate about the protection of our planet. All the decisions we make as a company, are made with the environment and the health of our pets, at the heart of those decisions. We really do care.

The dedicated team at G&W.