About Us

How the story began

Back in the early noughties, John's friend, (recently returned from a trip to Canada), said to John "Have you seen these Antler dog chews?". John heard, "Have you seen these Antler dog shoes?". This made John's brain whirl, with images of little dogs, jumping about in shoes made of Deer Antler ...strange he thought, "Antler dog shoes?"

When it all became clear a few minutes later, John loved the concept, and he rushed off trying to buy one of these fantastical new natural chews for his trusty dog Ollie, (chief taster) who loved chewing, mostly John's shoes.

But none were to found this side of the Atlantic. So, John decided to "discover" these antler dog chews over here, just like Columbus *discovered* America over there and set about bringing these fantastic chews to mutts and hounds across "Old Blighty".

A few years down the road, and hundreds of thousands of dogs across land, sea and foam have enjoyed a darn good munch on one of John's (now Green & Wild's) chews, and thousands of dog owners have stopped buying new shoes. Sorry Shoe industry!

Green and Wild's, the story continues... with more darn good healthy stuff!

Now at Green & Wild's, we (there are quite a few of us now) have lots of other, natural healthy, things for pets; our superfood daily dog food, loads of 100% natural snacks and treats, for dogs and now cats as well. Plus some eco toys, natural chews and dietary supplements. And with lots of new stuff on its way... who knows what magical things are to come!

Why we're different...

We are all about natural, healthy products you can trust, with good wholesome honest ingredients. Our reputation is built on these values. We have no fillers, bulkers in our food – only nice stuff so that we don't have to pretend it's good – it really is!

Today, when we are trying to be healthy and think about what we eat, we think we owe it to our pets to care about them too. Our mission is to bring good healthy food, chews, treats and snacks to pets across our fair land ...and beyond!