Meet our product testers

Here at Green and Wilds we all love our pets, without them we wouldn’t have a brilliant team of product testers. We felt they deserved their own page of fame and also hope the information will be helpful to many of our customers.
Ollie Elmes

Ollie Elmes is our chief Product tester and rough haired Terrier. With four years of product testing under his belt, He has got a very discerning pallet! Favourite Antler Chew : I love all the small and medium chews Favourite Product : I Just love the Venison Sticks Likes : I love Sunbathing high up on the balcony outside the offices, the hose pipe and chasing birds – although I have only ever caught one Dislikes: Eggs – YUK! Delivery men and the hoover

Marley and Alfie Traynor

Marley and Alfie Traynor live with Lu on the farm. Both Short haired and Brothers from different litters – Marley is a tabby and Alfie is Black and white. They both do a great job in keeping the vermin under control at the farm Favourite Product: We both Love the Luvies, they are very moreish – and we will do anything for a Tiddler! Likes: Marley – I am a very clean cat and have a bath at least every hour! I like sunbathing in the greenhouse, sleeping and catching mice. Alfie – I love to eat, I could do it all day long! I also love to bring live presents home, mainly rats and the odd partridge. We both love going for walks with Archie the dog

Archie Traynor

Archie Traynor is a Working Cocker, who loves to eat woodlice and charge around the farm Favourite Chew: Small Fallow and Chewroots Favourite Product: I am fed on a diet of Green and Wild’s premium dog food, and my favourite treats are Chicken and Liver Luv Heart Treats. I also like to have a Salmon Roll Bake every bedtime Likes: I love charging around, mud, water, chewing and playing with the cats; although sometimes they don’t like playing with me. Dislikes: I hate being brushed and bite it whenever it comes near me!

Bella Lord

Bella Lord is a West Highland Terrier, and she is 6 years old. She is very playful and enjoys running circles around her daddy Rick (who is a bit of a soft touch!) Favourite Antler Chew : The Medium Easy, I love how easy it is to chew into the marrow. Favourite Product : I like the bakes but I just adore the venison. Sticks or snacks either will do nicely, thank you very much! Likes : I love my morning walks and playtime when Daddy gets home. Dislikes : I just don’t get water! I hate hose pipes, I hate baths, and I hate the sea!

Bobby Sandeman

Bobby Sandeman is 4 years old and is a working cocker. He loves to round up cows and is very good at jumping through hoops. Will do anything for a treat! Favourite Antler Chew : All of them really, I’m not fussy. I love chewing! Favourite Product : Every single one of them, food, antler or toys. Bring it on! Likes : Chewing of course! Eating socks, cuddles with my mummy, going for long walks and stealing food off the table Dislikes : I hate being ignored and I really do not like long car Journeys

Sasha Traynor

Sasha Traynor is a 10 year old Dalmatian, rescued 8 years ago by her mummy Sandra. She has a very waggy tail, which knocks cups of tea off the table regularly! Favourite Antler Chew : I am not a very chewy dog, so I like to have an easy extra-large chew Favourite Product : All of the ones I can eat Likes : I could have my tummy rubbed all day long! I also love my food and going out for rides in the car. I love to have company and going out for long walks with my friend Archie Traynor Dislikes : I really do not like getting wet in any way, shape or form.

Nutmeg Sandeman

Nutmeg Sandeman is a female shorthaired Tabby. She chases down anything that moves and frequently gets locked in the shed Favourite Product: I love all of the Niblets – salmon, herring and Plaice. The new Luvies are pretty yummy too Likes: I just love to eat flies and spiders. I help keep the carpet moths at bay and eat those too! Dislikes: I really dislike the hoover and being picked on by Marley and Alfie next door